dimarts, de maig 04, 2004

Los recalcitrantes sirios atrapados en Golan (Faluya) 

Como bien cita Golan de Hispalibertas, vale la pena leer el artículo de AMIR TAHERI del New York Post:

"The Coalition faces a problem in Fallujah. But Fallujah accounts for no more than 4 percent of Iraq's Sunni Arab community. Other major Sunni cities - Mosul, Ramadi, even Tikrit, Saddam Hussein's hometown - remain calm.
Yet even in Fallujah there is no evidence that a majority of the people regret liberation or want Saddam back. There are perhaps 2,000 insurgents, including dozens of non-Iraqi fighters, in the city. The fact that more than half of the city's inhabitants have left their homes shows that, though they may wish the occupation to end, they don't wish to side with the insurgents.
There is no nationwide insurrection in Iraq. Nor is Iraq suffering from a general breakdown in law and order. To be sure, it is no bed of roses. But the violence and insecurity are within the remit of normal in a post-liberation situation, and remain manageable.
What to do in Iraq? The answer is simple: Don't lose your nerve!

Yes, Iraq can become another Vietnam - not because of anything that's happening there, but because America and its allies, for reasons of domestic politics, might panic and transform victory into defeat."

Una vez más, el Belmont Club nos da una pauta:

- "the enemy is probably still in the city
- the enemy may consist, in part, of Syrian fighters
- the USMC is probably still bottling them up otherwise how to account for the enemy containment, and is therefore present in the city, contrary to press reports
- the USMC is attempting to drive a wedge, as per General Conway, between - the hard core and the peripheral enemy elements"

Vale la pena leer el post completo del Belmont Club. Nos cuenta que el barrio de Golan, el cuadrilátero noroeste de la ciudad, está bajo control de un pequeño grupo de recalcitrantes, principalmente de Siria (no sorprende que el niñato Assad los apoye públicamente) y refugiados entre la población civil. La estrategia de la coalición ha consistido en aislar a los recalcitrantes, ganando el control de la mayor parte de la ciudad.

La imagen que se quiere presentar de un Iraq "reconquistado" por la "resistencia" es falsa. No hay "insurrección general" en Iraq, ni "retirada de Faluya".