dijous, d’abril 22, 2004

Otra basura informativa 

El blogista iraquí The Messopotamian refiere:

I would like to translate to you the gist of a report from Basrah by the Arabiya reporter about the heinous crimes today in that City. One of the most irritating phrases that really anger me is the attributing of such crimes to unknown assailants. What do you mean unknown? Which idiot can mistake the identity of these criminals: particularly, the crime of today - all the typical characteristics of Al Qaeda: the simultaneity, the car bombs, the calculation of the time at the rush hour and particularly at the start of schools just when the children are on their way. Everything is so typical. Yet this is what the “objective” reporter Diar Al Ommary (a well known ex-you know who, by the way): “most people are saying that the explosions were caused by rockets fired from Helicopters of the British Army (and he repeats the allegation that it was the American Army!). People say that the actually saw the Helicopters firing the missiles. And you know they say that the British troops avoided these locations today which was contrary to their daily routine” As for the reason why the British (or American) forces should do something like that, it is suggested hurriedly just because they want to attack and hurt the Iraqi people, and on and on of the same talk. This kind of allegation was repeated every time an outrage like this happened, especially immediately in the aftermath of the crimes.

I don’t know whom these people are trying to fool. No gentlemen, it is not the British, nor the Americans, not the Jews. It is your pious “Salafi” friends (your financiers) and a motley collection of assorted criminals so well known by everybody including you.

As for the U.S. and allies, I don’t know why they allow you to spread such lies, when they can crush you like cockroaches with a mere whisper into some certain ears; especially after such heartbreaking outrages. You murder children and don’t even have some remnant of decency left to at least keep quiet, but have to blame it on others, to shelter the true criminals.

"No fueron coches-bomba, fueron helicópteros ingleses". ¿Cuánto tardará esta mentira en ser traducida al castellano?