dimecres, d’abril 21, 2004

La revuelta kurda contra los baazistas en Siria 

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Me permito reproducir el post de Jonathan:
The Baath Legacy of Racism, Anti-Semitism, Violence, Repression, War Crimes, Terrorism

Aside from impoverishing the Syrian people in a totalitarian prison, what else has Baathist Syria done? Plenty. Plenty of crimes.

(1) brutal torture of political dissidents
(2) racism against Syrian Jews and Syrian Kurds
(3) the murder in 1976 of Lebanese Druze leader Kamal Jumblatt (who was of Circassian and Kurdish origin)
(4) occupation of Lebanon and the shelling of Lebanese villages
(5) promoting anti-Semitism and educating Syrian children to hate Jews
(6) aiding Saddam Hussein in his last days in power
(7) harboring terrorist groups that have targeted Israeli children
(8) having a de facto military alliance with North Korea
(9) making a mockery of the United Nations when Syria chaired the Security Council
(10) suppressing the right of Kurds to speak their own language