divendres, d’abril 23, 2004

El 11M y el 14M en la prensa árabe 

Esta página da un panorama de cómo se ve el asunto. En particular:

"Zapatero, Aznar's replacement, calls on Bush and Blair to [carry out] self-criticism because of the war in Iraq – while the ones who should be called on to carry out self-criticism for ignoring the suffering of the Iraqi people and for justifying the terrorist crimes in Iraq is [actually] the European Left… The leftist organizations in Germany, the ally of France, collect donations for the self-styled uprising gangs in Iraq – that is, for the criminals who are blowing up the headquarters of the U.N. and the humanitarian organizations, the schools, the factories, and the Iraqi security forces. Even the holy cities of Najaf, Karbala, and Kazimiyya were not spared these barbarous attacks, not to mention the friendly coalition forces that saved Iraq from the most criminal and blood-drenched regime in the history of mankind…

"Do all these Western thinkers care about the emotions of the majority of Iraqis, whose joy at the fall of Saddam the whole world saw? What did France, Russia, Germany, and all the European Left do to support the Iraqi struggle against the tyranny of Saddam and for the sake of toppling it?… How can the European Left maintain positions that match [those] of the most extreme Islamists, Iran, and the propagandists of pan-Arabism among the supporters of the crumbling Ba'th regime? [How can the European Left] maintain positions that in effect serve the gangs of murder and destruction throughout Iraq?

"The war on world terror must unite the nations of the world, the democratic countries, and the international bodies. This bestial cancer is a sudden danger with which humanity and civilization is coping. Any negligence or weakness in facing it encourages the beast of prey to kill more people and spill additional rivers of innocent blood. This is a conflict between progress and light – and darkness."