dilluns, d’abril 26, 2004

¿Luz al final del túnel? 

The Messopotamiam comenta:

2- Of course the radicals and especially the foreigners don’t much care about the property and lives of the normal people. An Afghan or a Palestinian doesn’t really care, and in fact they want to inflict harm on the ordinary people. The longer the attrition continues the more irritation will grow against these elements, and the contradiction is bound to reach a point when the majority will swing decisively against them. Some patience is required and sooner or later you will have people wanting your help.
3- Those whose authority is undercut as you say, will wish secretly that they be rid of these elements, however they will never admit it publicly. You will even hear them protesting and lamenting loudly, when deep down they have quite different sentiments. This is customary in these parts.
4- Finally my friendly advice is this: 90% Brains; 10% Muscles - that should be the motto.

La propia Al Yazira reconoce: "Falluja truce has 'weakened resistance' ":

"The ceasefire brokered by Iraqi mediators in the Iraqi city of Falluja appears to have weakened the fighters battling US marines while also creating divisions within the Sunni Muslim community".

A communique signed by the "Iraqi resistance in Falluja" said the truce was "an inspiration from Satan because it shifted the balance power in favour of the occupation forces."

Desesperación a la vista en Al Yazira, que obstinadamente niega la presencia de yijadistas guajabistas y los lúmpenes baazistas.

El Washington Post informa que la tregua se extiende y que se seguirá la via de las negociaciones. Esta via está dando resultados y está desesperando a los terroristas, en especial a los infiltrados yijadistas.

Como bien lo explica el Belmont Club, se trata de una guerra de desgaste. (Con la lucidez que le caracteriza, nos da razones para pensar que ya hay una guerra subyacente con Siria: aquí.)

Dejo a Tomasín y a l'Eusebi el trabajo de traducción de estas informaciones. Tienen derecho a ganarse las garrofas.